The Sequel is coming

Well here I am again and yes it's been a minute. I'm not the best blogger but I keep trying. So I guess a catch up is in order. A lot has happened, my book In The Footsteps of a Killer became available in paperback. We have been selling and moving copies all over the world, Alaska and Amsterdam Netherlands just to name a few. I am about to have my first book signing and it's been nuts.

The sequel to In The Footsteps of a Killer is quickly coming to life. I am pushing for a late February or early March completion. Through the Eyes of a Killer puts Leah and Albert together again as Albert continues to try to become the worlds deadliest killer, that and the fact that he is once again brought back to life by the Devil only this time he is not sent to only kill but to retrieve some lost articles that Satan wants returned.

As for me, myself and I...I'm just plugging away at reinventing me. A lot in my person world has changed as with life it is what happens. The biggest and…
One of the things I have discovered on this writing journey is that you need to talk to people...a LOT of people. I was recently asked to do a audio interview for The Author Inside You. A pod cast show that highlights new authors. It was a scary thing at first. Talking about myself to people I didn't know was just a little nerve wracking but once we started it was smooth and easy. Yep just like Sunday morning. Leah and Matt Rafferty were just the ide hosts and with the most.  I so enjoyed talking to them and with it being my first they were easy to talk to and I loved every second of it. Here is a quick link to my first audio podcast...enjoy. We did.

To promote In the Footsteps of a Killer,  I'm on the latest episode of The Author Inside You podcast!
Image IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF A KILLER now available in paperback. This is what many of you were waiting on. Books are being printed as we speak. Get your copy now

Things are afoot at Artistic Words Publishing


#theblogging challenge week 3 and 4

Opps! I missed last weeks challenge. Week 3 topics was 'What my book isn't about'. Well that's an easy one. My book isn't about romance, sex, futurist symbols or zombies. It is about good and evil and the human battle against it. My book is not meant to be a social statement or political statement, only entertainment. It's not saying I agree with murder and serial killers. I don't believe that I am sick or demented for wanting to write horror. We all love a good scare and my book is about giving you just that. If you read more into it then okay. My book isn't about giving people a moral statement even though it may make you think. My book isn't about telling you how to act, behave or worship or be. My book speaks of faith but it's not about judging you about yours. My book is about reading.

Week 4 topic. 'My advice to another writer' My advice to another writer is to write, re-write and read. Learn your craft and learn the in's and o…

#Bloggingchallenge #2

Hi Folks,

Week two of Motown Writers Blogging Challenge. The subject this time, "Why I write my genre." Well for me that's an easy one. My Mom was a horror nut. She watched all the old classic movies like Frankenstein, The Mummy, Dracula and her favorite The Thing and not Kurt Russell's version, the black and white original.  She watched tv shows like One Step Beyond, The Outer Limits and The Sixth Sense. Her favorite author was Stephen King, Dean Koontz, John Saul.  OMGoodness is it any wonder that my favorite genre is horror. I took the horror one step further because I watched shows like The Munsters, The Adams Family and found my humor in horror.

We would read together, sit for hours in front of the T.V. watching a full day of horror. I never had nightmares that scared me because I was already scared when I went to bed but I always knew that when I woke up she would be there. With horror I find a unique challenge. You have to take something most unreal and make i…

#The Blogging Challenge

Hi everyone Denise here, Denise Bryson and I have accepted Sylvia Hubbard, fonder of Motown Writers challenge to do a blog, once a week in September. The topic I chose is "The first story I remember writing." But first a little bit about me. I live in Detroit, Mi. and am an avid Horror fan. I read, watch and write Horror. My Mom was a huge horror nut and I didn't fall too far from the tree. I am published through Artistic Words Publishing with my story "In The Footsteps of a Killer" as well as being self published at

The first story I remember writing was called 'The Last Witch in Salem." I was in the fourth grade so I must have been somewhere around 8 or 9. The story was about a woman who indeed was the last witch. While she never used her powers to hurt anyone she was jilted by her boyfriend and turned in as a witch. Not because he knew but because he wanted someone else. So as she stood tied to the stake and about to be burned, she is…